Free Books! Join the VIP Launch Team

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Free Books!

Join Trisha’s VIP Launch Team and receive free books in exchange for honest reviews.

Your name will be in the acknowledgements of each book you help with. For the launch of each book, there will be drawings and goodies for each team member that participated in that launch. You’ll receive sneak peeks and excerpts from upcoming books. You’ll have news and cover reviews first. You’ll be part of a private Facebook group that will include launch team members only.

What’s involved in being a team member?

You’ll receive a digital copy of the book 3-4 weeks prior to publication. When the book is published and available, leave a review on Amazon, and Goodreads if you’re a member there. If you have a blog, hosting a guest post around the time of the release would be greatly appreciated. (It’s not necessary that you have a blog to be a member of the team.) At release time, share on social media. (Just once is okay. I don’t like flooding my page with numerous buy-my-book posts and I wouldn’t ask you to do it either.)

You don’t need to participate in every book that’s released. You can pick and choose which ones you’d like to be involved with. Here’s a list of some of the books scheduled for future release. There may be one or two short stories a month also – again, each is totally voluntary.

Grandma Jones’ Kitchen – October 2017

In Celebration of Sisters – November 2017

Every Day’s a Good Day: Remaining Positive in a Retail or Service Based Profession – January 2018

Mothers of Angels – March 2018

Embracing 60 – June 2018

A Spoonful of Sugar: A Daily Dose of Inspiration and Encouragement – October 2018

How do you get to be a Launch Team Member?

It’s easy. Send me a private message on Facebook, or email me at with a request to join the team.


FREE BOOK: Following Your Dreams

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Are you following your dreams?

Are you chasing the life you desire with every fiber of your being?

Do you know what your dreams are?

Get a FREE COPY of Following Your Dreams.  Reflections, Affirmations, and Workbook Exercises help you focus on achieving a life you dream of.

Here’s one of the reflections and affirmations that’s included.

Commitment leads to action.
Action brings your dream closer.

Marcia Wieder

Dreams are destined to remain mere wishes, briefly flitting through our consciousness, until we take action to make them a reality. That’s why so many unwritten novels remain unwritten tomes, living forever in the minds of the author, but never making it to the page.

Ask anyone what their dreams are. Ask your friends, your family, or your co-workers. Almost everyone will have an answer for you. And then…ask them what they’re doing to make their dreams a real part of their lives. That’s where you’ll see the gap. Many won’t have an answer for that question.

Until we commit to our dreams, until we vow to take action, they will stay in the nebulous netherlands of ‘Someday’.

Make the first step towards an unrealized dream. Take the step of commitment.

Affirmation: Today, I commit to following my dream of _____________.

(Fill in the blank with one of your dreams.)

Get your FREE COPY of Following Your Dreams here!

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