Summer Road Trip

a to z road trip

I’m off on a Summer Road Trip. A virtual trip to blogs yet undiscovered.

In April, I participated in the annual A to Z Blog Challenge. There were so many wonderful blogs that joined in this year (1200…1400…1500…somewhere in that range I believe). As I was busy posting my own 26 alphabet blogs through the month, I visited as many as I could, but was far from making my way through the entire list.

The A to Z team has a solution for that. They came up with a summer road trip. Signups close tonight (Friday night, June 24th). As of my posting right now, there’s still a little over fourteen hours left to sign up.

Come aboard! Sign up on the linky and join us on this trip to virtual destinations. From the comfort of your air conditioned home, from the cushy chair you’re sitting in. No gas. No searching for restrooms in desolate locations.

Discover new, unusual and fun blogs that you didn’t know about.

Happy armchair traveling!

Silent Sunday – Happy Father’s Day

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June issue of Back Story

Here’s the June newsletter, Back Story. Depression Glass is the featured topic this month.

There’s also a snippet from Fat and Sassy, my book due out July 15th.

You can see the entire newsletter here: JUNE BACK STORY.

To sign up and get this delivered to your inbox each month, sign up here: BACK STORY SIGN UP. Next month we’ll feature amazing women from the past.

Here’s a bit from the newsletter.

One afternoon I stopped into my favorite thrift store to browse through their books. With books for fifty cents, I can read most of the year for what I’d spend on one or two books at the bookstore.

I don’t usually shop around much. Goodness knows, I need to downsize my collections of ‘stuff’, not buy more. But this one day they had a display of green glass set up in the window right next to the books. Most of the glass was your average inexpensive (cheap) glassware – lots of mass produced, green vases. But one small dish stood out. I thought, that’s Depression glass. So I picked this little goodie up instead of buying books that day.

This darker avocado green compote is from Imperial Glass. It’s in the Larian pattern, with basket and swags, but is not as old as the original Depression glass in that pattern. It was most likely produced in the 1950’s or 1960’s, which still makes it over fifty to sixty years old, and is a nice vintage find. (Wait a minute…that’s how old I am. Somehow for glassware that sounds old, but for me that seems awfully young still.)

depression glass dish1

depression glass dish2.jpg

depression glass larain
Larain Basket pattern, made by Indiana from 1929 – 1932

I found several other identical pieces on Etsy and Ebay. Prices were currently going in the range of $8 to $15. That makes me pretty happy with my $2.99 thrift store treasure.


Having a Positive Attitude Reaps Many Rewards #inspiration #motivation #affirmations — POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing

What’s your outlook today? Are you positive or negative? This morning, I woke up feeling positive. I had a great night’s sleep and my back pain not so severe. I’m a big cheerleader of positivity (is that a word… shrugs) and for some, it may be annoying. I don’t mind, though, because by being positive, I am ready […]

via Having a Positive Attitude Reaps Many Rewards #inspiration #motivation #affirmations — POTL: All Things Books, Reading and Publishing

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