November Winding Down … but still here!

November 27, 2012

Three more days … there are three days left to celebrate in November. Contrary to public retail opinion, the calendar does not contain three or more months of solid December consumerism. Other months are alive and well between school starting and the year ending! (Can you tell my “day job” is in retail and I’m burned out already?)

November 29th is Electronic Greetings Day. It’s quick and easy. Send a virtual card to someone you love. Brighten their day.

November 30th is Stay Home Because You’re Well Day. No, I won’t be celebrating this one, I can’t do that. But I will be there in spirit!

Other monthly celebrations for the month of November include, National Diabetes Month (always something to be aware of before we spend the next month ingesting more sugar than our bodies need), National Georgia Pecan Month (honored by that traditional Thanksgiving favorite – pecan pie), National Life Writing Month (can I use that as part of my Nano writing –National Novel Writing Month?), and National Sweet Potato Awareness Month (one of my favorites, I celebrate this delicious treat every month).

For the next three days, take a moment to stop, look around your life and celebrate the love and abundance that surrounds you.

(So, you ask … what does the photo of the crooked house in Poland have to do with November’s celebrations? Not a thing. Not a single thing. But it makes me smile. And in these frenzied holiday activity cram-packed days, anything that brings a smile to our faces is a good thing. Have a happy day!)

Life is fantastic!

Here’s a great blog from one of my favorite bloggers …. celebrate life!

Ute smile

What is life?

Some ideas here!

Enjoy your life,

enjoy the adventure,

enjoy the laughter,

enjoy the sunshine and the rainbows,

enjoy the surprises it brings!

Have a fantastic day!

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Buttons and Bridges and Nano … oh my!

I’m still celebrating life … every day! However, to allow more time for personal celebration, I will only be posting a weekly celebration blog, instead of the daily celebrations. Writing, and writing about celebrating life, is important to me. To keep my writing a priority, I’m scaling back some of my other activities, such as the daily posts. I’m continuing with my blogs, my Facebook pages, and expanding into weekly columns.

I avidly believe in celebrating every aspect of life we can. But, the truth still applies that there are only 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes, available each day. I’m sure many, if not all of you, have the same time crunch that impacts our decisions, our choices and our life.

November celebrates a month of writing; a month of intense writing. It’s NANO time! Or, National Novel Writing Month. Write a book in a month. The goal is to write 50,000 words during November. Take December off to celebrate the holidays and family. Then after the New Year, tackle the edits & polish it up. I’m working on Prissy & Paige, a little behind, but will be catching up this weekend. (Go DFW Rhinos, Go!)

Button, button, who has the button? November 16th is National Button Day. Buttons are fascinating, collecting buttons is fun. Celebrate the day by taking a look at some of these unusual button fun facts.

And, historic bridges; I love historic bridges and I’m not alone. Historic sponsors Historic Bridge Awareness Month. Their site states, “Historic Bridge Awareness Month is an opportunity to remind yourself that historic bridges are disappearing because the vast majority are not preserved and are being demolished and replaced at an alarming rate.” Check out their site at:

Celebrate today, celebrate your life, and celebrate all the goodness and blessings in your life!

Bringing the Green Home

Bringing the Green Home.

Choosing to Celebrate Life

A Reason to Celebrate …. Who needs a reason? As Robert Brault stated, “There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate.”

The opportunities to celebrate life surround us with their infinite possibilities. We simply don’t always see them clearly. Life happens; and, when life happens, life gets busy. We become blinded by the tasks, chores, and errands that infiltrate our daily lives. Laundry, cooking, dishes, yard work, birthday presents, lost dogs, kids to practice, dance, games, not to mention working to keep the family fed and sheltered.

We wait for preordained occasions to celebrate; birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving or Christmas. What about celebrating the thousands of special occasions that don’t come printed on our calendars?

For starters, we woke up this morning, we’re alive. Yes, the day may be packed from morning to night, there may be conflicts, arguments, tough meetings and not enough time to complete what we need to do. But, as a friend reminded me last night, it does beat the alternative, doesn’t it?

Is the day beautiful and sunny, filled with glorious blue skies and fluffy white clouds? Is there rain when the state needs it? Do you have the absolute best spouse, children, grandchildren or family in the world? (No, sorry, I have those!) Did a gorgeous blooming flower greet you when you walked outside? Are your cupboards full? Do you have more clothes in your closet than you can possibly wear through the rest of your lifetime?

I challenge you to take five minutes, sit down and make a quick list. What are you grateful for? What can you see from where you’re sitting that is a blessing? Add to your list through the day, or the week. Let’s celebrate the bounty in our lives. What do you choose to celebrate today? There are countless reasons to celebrate, if we examine our lives in closer detail. Celebrate life today!


Thursday, November 1st: This month is for you, Sue! November is BANANA PUDDING LOVERS MONTH. Or, ‘Naner Puddin’ for those with ties to the south.

Sponsored by Rodgers Banana Pudding, they say: “What sweet memories we share of family sitting down together eating their banana pudding dessert. Banana Pudding Lovers Month is a time for families to re-create the memories of their happy childhood, or start creating memories for your own children! Let’s pass the tradition from one generation to another.”

For a yummy banana pudding in a a 9 x 13 pan, check out this recipe from

Happy ‘Naner Puddin’ Day!

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