Sand, Surf, and a Side of Love

Patsy Faye

The wheels are a spinnin’! Series Number One – Love in Hidden Springs – is sketched out and ready to start on. Sand, Surf, and a Side of Love is Series Number Two. The ideas are flowing, the story beginnings twisting away in my brain like a cyclone of ideas.

Now…to start writing.

Fortunately, these are short stories and not full length books. So the writing should go fairly quick. Or, at least quicker.

I’m excited, looking forward to October, when these short stories can start coming to life!

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Change of Plans

Patsy Faye

The plans were to come back to my Oak Grove Square series, a small town in Texas, and start working on that story again.

But plans changed.

I decided that I want to write some short stories first. So another new town was born. Hidden Springs. I’m plotting out the series, which will have eight short stories in it. The short stories will be available as ebooks, releasing one book a week beginning in October. Once all eight short stories are released, the a print version will be released that contains all eight short stories.

Before then, I’ll be sharing some story snippets here so you can meet the people of Hidden Springs. Although none are planning on falling in love…they all have surprises in their future!

Here’s to love and happily ever afters!

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