Author Sibling Rivalry Chronicles

I never thought that sibling rivalry was going to be an issue in my writing life.

Trisha Faye has been writing for the past ten to twelve years. Mostly about people and places of the past, some of a more inspirational nature. When I wanted to branch out into children’s stories, I didn’t want the writing to be a jumbled mix, so Jasper Lynn was created.

Jasper Lynn had a few short stories published on a children’s ezine – a piece here and there. Then in 2020 Jasper Lynn branched into books. Two books were published – A Gift from the Heart and This and That. Then Covid shut us down and Jasper Lynn got quiet. (I think she went and hid under the covers with a stack of books and a flashlight.)

Now, Jasper Lynn is back. She just finished the first book in a Cousins Time Traveling Adventure series – Stars in the Sky. But now, this little sister of Trisha Faye is starting to get sassy and I’m about ready to send her back to her room.

Take yesterday’s conversation for example.

JASPER LYNN: Yippee! I sold four books this week!

TRISHA FAYE: That’s wonderful! Congratulations. I’m so happy for you!

JL (While turning cartwheels in the middle of the living room) Sooooo…how many books did YOU sell this week?

TF: I’m not sure. I haven’t looked. I don’t check every day you know.

JL: So….go look.

TF: (Sighing and rolling her eyes) Okay…okay. Hold your horses. Let me look.

TF checks the computer and looks up – Well, I only sold one book this week.

JL (Sticking out her tongue and sending raspberries to TF) Neener, neener, neerer….I sold more books this week than YOU did!

Sigh….ornery little sisters…what is one to do? I might get even though. Next time Jasper Lynn wants a candy bar, I might make her buy her own. After all, she’s the one raking in the big bucks now, right?

June 2023

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