F’s celebration is for FEEL THE BURN, It’s NATIONAL WALK TO WORK DAY

Friday, April 6th: F’s celebration is for FEEL THE BURN, It’s NATIONAL WALK TO WORK DAY. Held the first Friday of April since 2004, here’s a holiday that’s good for us.

Why would I want to walk to work, you ask? Walking can lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Walking burns calories and provides overall body tone. (A 150-pound woman, walking 4 mph, can burn up to 350 calories an hour!) Walking is also a mood booster, and who can’t use a good elevator? (And another side benefit, at $4 a gallon for gasoline, walking will definitely put some change back in the pocketbook.)

Now, I have to admit I was a little worried when I chose this day to feature for ‘A Reason to Celebrate’. To celebrate life, I look for all kinds of reasons to celebrate. However, my walk to work would be 10 miles one way, and I know that many of you have even longer commutes. I was excited to read that we are encouraged “to walk for all or part of your commute”. It was suggested that if you have a long commute, to walk at lunch. Or, if you take public transportation, get off a stop or two early and walk the remaining distance. Now, THAT I can do!

Here’s some other ways to add walking to your daily life:
Take the dog for a walk.
Walk on your lunch hour.
Walk the neighborhood after dinner.
When shopping, park on the far side of the parking lot; instead of looking for spaces closest to the door.
Take the kids to the park.
Skip the elevator and take the stairs instead.
Walk and talk; pace while on the phone.

See ya’ on the sidewalks!

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