Journaling in July – Week 3

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Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 and Beyond  is hosting a Journaling in July challenge this month. I’m participating with her challenge (mostly – I’ve missed a few days in each week.) She and Deb from Deb’s World are also posting a blog hop on Saturdays, with an overview of the week before. For my Week 3 recap, here’s one of the days I journaled to the prompt ‘View from my window.’

Day 15 – View from my window


Yes, there’s a window in there. Somewhere. This was the sunflowers in front of the house a few weeks ago, as they just started blooming.

Fluffy white clouds drifting through azure skies, framed with a border of lush green evergreens, accented during the summer with a array of brilliant yellow sunflowers. This is the view from my window. Oh, and an occasional kitten face peering in through the screen they’ve shredded.

IMG_1667.jpgIf I’m awake and up and it’s daylight, curtains are opened. My desk sits in front of the window facing the front yard. Who cares if it’s good feng shui, or if there could be a better layout if furniture were rearranged. No. Desks must be in front of the window where I can see out. It’s a given. No debate.

Yes, this visual connection with the world outside of my home sphere occasionally distracts me. (Okay – probably more often than occasionally.) But I have to see outside. The outdoors is my siren song. Except on the days that its over ninety or below forty. Then, I’m perfectly happy sitting inside and only looking outside.

As opposed to my better half, who I think would be perfectly happy living in a cave. If I didn’t live in the house, drapes would never be open. Doors, unless entering or exiting, would never be open. They would be content living in darkness, lit only by a dim computer screen. I scoff. I think they’re crazy. And then I start laughing at myself, because their thoughts are probably the exact same ones – except that they think I’m the crazy one for wanting all this sunshine and light.

IMG_2134 (1).jpg

The view outside now that the sunflowers have grown & started to topple over.  

I suppose it is a grand thing that we are all so different. As long as while we celebrate these differences, when I am home I get my way! Until the sun sets, the sky darkens and now the ones outside can easily see inside. Then I’m perfectly happy closing those drapes and curtains and treating my abode as a safe little cave. Besides, by then the kittens outside are tucked away with Mama next door, or wherever they hide away for the night and they won’t be peeking in the window, curious as to what the human at the desk is doing.


And at night, once my ‘curtain’ is drawn, this is my view. A completely hand-stitched quilt top (never quilted) from the 1930s. (Backed with a dark blue sheet to protect it from the sunlight.)

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