Four Words I Want More Of #JusJoJan

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I came to the party late. This month is ‘Just Jot it January.’ But as I just saw the post about this fun month, I don’t have anything for the first ten days of the month. That’s okay. I was always one that arrived at the party late anyway. Just ask my mom. Or sister. Each day of the month has a word prompt, except for One Liner Wednesdays and Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

The word prompt for today is ‘humiliate.’

Here’s my ‘jot’ for the day.

Earlier today I added a post-it note (another one!) to my computer screen. It’s a reminder of something I just read on a blog post.



Four great words and four great attitudes. One even matches one of the three words I chose for 2018 – authentic, action, and joyful. I’d like more of these qualities in my life.

But yet, when I look at the goals I just set for 2018, they’re all measurable goals about my writing life. Where are the goals that will bring more of these four qualities into my life? Will I be humiliated when I reach the end of the year and I’m in the same place? (Humiliated is a stronger word than one I would have chosen to use here. But I needed to work in the Just Jot it word prompt for the day – so there you have it.)

No. I won’t be humiliated. Because I’m also trying to get better about not beating myself up and being more flexible to go with the flow and be gentle with myself for what happens and what doesn’t. But even so, I sit to sit down and look at conscious actions that will bring more love, peace, joy, and gratitude into my life.

What kinds of things do you jot down?


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