Sunday, June 24th: Today is a day to reflect on our past. It’s LOG CABIN DAY! (At least it is in Michigan; but, I plan to celebrate in Texas too.) The Log Cabin Society founded Log Cabin Day, a statewide holiday, to raise awareness about the preservation of log cabins in Michigan.

I’m partial to log cabins myself. (and old, falling-down barns). They’re remnants of our history; memories of days long past, where early settlers braved the unknown, and often deadly, tribulations of an unfriendly frontier. A cemetery in Texas has a restored log cabin on it, that the early founders of the settlement used for new families coming in, and a church and a school when needed. I love to go sit in it. A friend here in Texas owns the old family log cabin. It’s been added to and covered up … until she updated the home and uncovered some of the log cabin structure that had been hidden. Ahhhh, if only those logs could speak!

Just think … days with no cell phones interrupting our every single moment. No rude cell phone conversations every single place you go. No internet, consuming our time by the hours. No smog producing cars, no time clocks, no ….. oh wait. No cars period, smog producing or not. Covered wagons covered 8-12 miles a day, depending on the terrain. I’m that far from work. I don’t want to spend a whole day traveling to a job. And those pesky, annoying cell phones are pretty handy. I just had a Skype visit with three best friends from many, many moons ago (not going to share how MANY moons!) And air conditioning; oh my, I couldn’t live here in Texas without air conditioning. Maybe I’ll keep our modern conveniences after all. I’ll just enjoy celebrating log cabins and reminisce about the past.

(Photos: Exterior is a log cabin we passed on the way to War Eagle Mill, Rogers, Ark. Interior is a log cabin at Log Cabin Village, Fort Worth TX.)

For more info on Log Cabin Day, or the Log Cabin Society, go check here: http://www.qtm.net/logcabincrafts/brochure2012.htm

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