Kindness Challenge: Week Two #RevofKindness


This past week I started participating in a seven week challenge – a Kindness Challenge. We’re just starting into Week Two, which will focus on: OBSERVE KINDNESS AROUND YOU.

Go here to see details of the 2016 Kindness Challenge, hosted by The Richness of a Simple Life. (By the way, if you want to join the challenge, it’s not too late. You can join at any time during this seven week period.)

At the end of each week, we share a post with feedback about what we found out during the week. I share my feedback at Embracing Life Tribe. Here’s what I discovered during Week One, Start Your Day with Kindness.



2016 Kindness Challenge #RevofKindness

For the next seven weeks, I’m participating in the 2016 Kindness Challenge. This challenge is hosted by The Richness of a Simple Life. Here’s what the seven weeks will cover:


Here’s what will happen:

Focus on kindness for 7 weeks following the guide below. At the end of each week, incorporate a post on your blog with your thoughts on the week’s kindness focus. Use photos, a poem, a journal entry, a video, write a song, whatever you feel comfortable using to express your reflection of the week. Not a blogger? No worries! Use your social media accounts to spread the kindness!

At the end of the week, I’ll be posting on my Embracing Life Tribe blog about where this challenge has taken me. Follow me there to see where this journey goes over the next seven weeks.

Want to join in the fun? It’s not too late, you can enter any time during this time frame. Check out the details and sign up here, at The Richness of a Simple Life.

Come check us out at Embracing Life Tribe. Better yet, join us as we make the world a better place, one kindness at a time.

If you participate in this challenge, post your link in the comments, either on this page, or on the Embracing Life Tribe page, so that I can follow your journey also.

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