J: Jubilation



I’m going with a change of plans here. Plan B. As in – I changed my mind. Which I’m allowed to do as I get older. Especially as I get older.

The original ‘J’ post was going to be: Just Kidding. I found this fun quote:

I still have a full deck; I just shuffle slower now. ~Author Unknown


Relating back to the ‘D’ day – Dyeing Laughing – I was going to go with the humor again. But before I got the reflection part written to go along with this fun quote, I read one of the blogs I follow. Melodie Davis, author of Another Way newspaper column, also has a Finding Harmony blog. She was writing about her retirement, from the publishing company – not from her newspaper column – and she wrote the following words.

“This marks a different kind of life passage and with it the inescapable reality that I am getting older. Some writers I know have started using the Spanish word for retirement: jubilado or jubilación. As in the English word, jubilee or “jubilation”. Does that bring a different twist to it? A celebration of joy, euphoria, even triumph!”

What a wonderful thought! Jubilation! The joy, the excitement, the celebration of the ageing experience.

Immediately the ‘Just Kidding’ got tossed to the side so I could share Melodie’s thoughts of jubilation. It’s not a word that I typically use – especially not in conjunction with the ageing process. But just thinking about it through the lens of this different word leads me down the path of merriment and festivity. Rather than listening to the litany of moans and groans about the aches, pains, and inconveniences of growing older, now I’m looking for a party.

Thank you Melodie for brightening my day and bringing a smile to my face as I look towards tomorrow and the days that follow with a jubilant spirit.

June 2021

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