My Wildest Dream – TT picture prompt

TT_bannerIt’s November, which means National Novel Writing Month, so for Tuesday Tales this month I’m jumping to another WIP, My Wildest Dreams. This tale follows the prequel, A Second Chance, where Jenny survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest and desired to honor her second chance by living an authentic life. She decided she wanted to own her own herb and garden store. Join us as we catch glimpse of her here as she follows her wildest dream.

This week we’re writing to a picture prompt, so the snippets are limited to 300 words. Return to Tuesday Tales here, to read the other snippets from talented writers.


TT_November 2015 prompt“What are we looking for again?” Carla called over her shoulder as she scurried through the golden carpet of fallen leaves.


“Mule…whatever… Just tell me what it looks like.”

“It’s got large silvery, gray fuzzy leaves.” I held out my hands showing the approximate size of a small watermelon. “They’ll be about a mound about a foot or so high, with a tall fuzzy stalk coming out of the center.”

“A stalk?”

“Yeah. A really tall one, almost as tall as you are, or taller.” Which wasn’t saying much as Carla was a bit of thing that barely came to my shoulder. “With clusters of yellow flowers, or flower pods at the top.”

Carla stopped and scanned the woodsy undergrowth around us. “It still has flowers this time of year?”

“Probably not. It’s probably dried seed pods now. They’ll be about pea sized pods in large clusters.”

“Why are we looking for it if there’s no flowers?” My friend looked totally confused now. She wasn’t a plant person and would be the first to admit it. But, being my best friend she was up for any outing I suggested, even if she didn’t understand the whys of our Sunday afternoon wandering.

“The seeds. That’s what I’m after.”

“What are you going to do with seeds?”

“Plant them. Next spring I’ll have my own stock of mullein plants growing.” I pulled a few Ziploc baggies out of my pocket and dangled them in the air.

Carla grabbed for a bag. “The thing I do for you,” she muttered.

“Hey, you should like these plants though.” I paused to catch her attention before I continued. “The Indians lit the dried stalks to use as torches…they used the leaves in cradleboards as diaper material…the smoldering roots eased chest congestion…and teas…”



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