My Wildest Dream – flavor

It’s November, which means National Novel Writing Month, so for Tuesday Tales this month I’m jumping to another WIP, My Wildest Dreams. This tale follows the prequel, A Second Chance, where Jenny survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest and desired to honor her second chance by living an authentic life. She decided she wanted to own her own herb and garden store. Join us as we catch glimpse of her here as she follows her wildest dream, with the help of her best friend Carla.

This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘flavor’. Return to Tuesday Tales here, to read the other snippets from talented writers.



“Speaking of herbs for cooking…let’s go eat. I’m cold. And starving.” Carla rubbed her stomach to emphasize her words.

I checked to make sure the baggies were sealed and dropped them into a crunched up shopping bag I pulled out of my pocket. “Where to?”

“Where else? Waffle House?”

I smiled, thinking to myself that I should have known. Carla’s choices consisted of Waffle House or Mexican. Oh, occasionally she went the Barb-B-Que route, or chose burgers or a Sonic chili dog. But nine times out of ten, it was one of her two favorites.

Soon we were out of the woodsy area and seated in a booth of our favorite hangout. We each scanned the menus, although probably neither one of us would order anything different than what we usually got. Carla asked for coffee as soon as we sat down, while I only asked for a water.

As soon as the coffee was poured, Carla wrapped her hands around the steaming mug. “No iced tea today? Too cold for you?”

“They don’t have a flavor I like. Now, if they had a nice raspberry or peppermint tea, I’d be all over it.” I realized where we were and started laughing. “I’ll have to take a picture of our meals and send it to my sister.” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and sat it next to my water glass, to remind me.

waffle houseCarla chuckled. “Yeppers. She’ll be jealous. Elisabeth really likes to eat here when she visits, doesn’t she?”

“Her and my niece, Shelly. They both like it. Although I don’t know which they like best. Waffle House, Babe’s or Reno Reds.”

“How’s your sister doing?”

“Fine. Of course, the school year’s started up, so she’s back at work.” I stretched my legs, glad that we were finally sitting after our hour in the woods. “I know she likes her job. But I think she likes her summers better, with six weeks off.”

“Is she coming back next summer to visit you again?”

“I hope so. Since I didn’t make it to California this year, I was glad she was able to make a trip this way.”

Carla raised her coffee cup as the waitress approached the table with a steaming pot of fresh coffee. “When she comes out again, we’ll have to go to Babe’s again. I enjoyed meeting her and spending some time with her.” She busied herself adding sugar and creamer, then looked up with a thoughtful look on her face. “She’ll be able to come and see your herb shop if she comes back next summer.”

“Ha!” My response burst out, surprising us both. “I doubt I’ll be operating by next summer.”

“You never know. You could be.”

“November…December…January” I ticked the months off on my fingers. “It’s only eight months till June. I’ll never have everything ready by then. I doubt I’ll even have enough money to even have a place to rent by then.”

“Sure you will. You’ll find someplace.”

“That I can afford?”

“Of course.”

“And then I have to order stock. And make things. And buy dried herbs. And package product up. And…” My chest heaved as a long, slow sigh of frustration escaped. “I don’t know if I can do it by then. Heck. I don’t even know if I can do this at all!”

“Yes you can. I have faith in you.”

“More faith than I have in myself. I’m seriously doubting whether I can really do this or not.”

“What about all those positive thoughts you’re always talking about? All your talk over the past year about living an authentic life and doing what you really want to do? About celebrating life and living it to the fullest? Where did all that come from?”

“I know. But do you know how much money I’m going to need? Money I don’t have.”

“Then I guess you’ll just have to buck up and figure out a way. You can do it. Write up a bunch of those affirmations you’re always talking about. Stick ‘em on your forehead, plaster ‘em all over your house.”

Crazy friends. Don’t you just love it when your best friends parrots your words and throws them right back at you? I shook my head and tried to rub my frown lines off my forehead. Fortunately our meals arrived, giving me some time to think.

I hated to admit that Carla was right. I was so discouraged and overwhelmed, that my dream seemed impossible. I wasn’t using my own words on myself. I was looking at the negative and kept repeating these negative thoughts to myself. Where was the positivity that I talked so freely about? I was doing the same thing that I berated others for doing – the old adage ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ hit too close to home right now.

July 2022

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