Count to 10

Breathe and Count to 10COUNT TO TEN

Our mother’s advice to our younger selves still comes in handy, as much as we hate to admit that we can hear her words echoing in our adult ears.

“Take a deep breath and count to ten.”

“Count to ten before you respond in anger.”

“Count to ten before you act rashly.”

Her words still apply today, even though we’re not fussing with our siblings, or having arguments on the playground.

Count to ten before we hit ‘send’.

Count to ten before we answer our manager’s rude request.

Count to ten before we respond in anger to the irate customer that’s been battling with us for the past five minutes.

Although, it’s probably a good idea to count quietly inside our head and not out loud – in the interest of not riling the customer, or manager, any further.

When you’re having one of ‘those days’ and you’re tempted to blast the next person that crosses you, pull up a little mom advice from years ago and try it out. Count to ten. It’s not an answer for every situation that plaques our work environment, but there are times that these three little words are worth their weight in gold.

Breathe and Count to 10

Is it possible to work in a retail job and survive … with your sanity?

Yes it is.

Most days.

And then there are others.

Some days the most effective survival technique is simply … breathe and count to 10.

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August 2022

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