A to Z: ‘K’ is for KIDS

It’s April! That means it’s time for the ‘BLOGGING A to Z CHALLENGE’. Everyday this month (except Sunday) bloggers will be blogging to a theme, using different letter of the alphabet – running, of course, from A to Z.

I’m blogging about MEMORY GARDENS: botanical tributes to celebrate our loved ones. Most of my writing is about keeping memories alive, so a spring garden is a perfect match to celebrate loved ones memories. Come join us all month for 26 different posts about Memory Gardens … and then, maybe plant your own tribute to remember your own special person.


A to Z: ‘K’ is for KIDS

Losing a child, either our own or one that’s in our family sphere, is harder to bear. There are many plants you can use as a tribute to a young child with symbolism for grief, love, remembrance, mourning, I love you, sympathy, hope, affection, comfort, etc. Any of these are good plants to have in a memory garden to remember young children with. A few plants are more significant in the case of remembering the younger angels in our lives.

babys breathBaby’s Breath: Innocence, Pure of Heart

Buttercup: Childishness

Cinquefoil: Beloved Child, Maternal Affection

Coltsfoot: Material Love and Care

Daisy (White): Innocense

Gerbera: Innocence

Lily: Purity, Chastity and Innocense

Moss: Maternal Love

Virgin’s Bower: Filial Love (referring to son or daughter)


National Keep Kids Creative Week (Build a Hero)

Wednesday, September 26th: The fun keeps rolling along … join us in NATIONAL KEEP KIDS CREATIVE WEEK (September 23-30).

Bruce Van Patter, the guilty party to be blamed for this wild and wacky creative week, has a fun spin off to get stories rolling. He suggests – Ask “What if …” According to Bruce, “This is the start of many creative efforts, even professional ones. Take a story your kids know and like (or maybe dislike!) and ask, “What if the ending were different?” For instance, what if Goldilocks wasn’t a girl? What if she were a football player, or a detective? What if she found three pigs, or elephants or aliens?”

For some fun “Build a Hero” ideas, check this page: http://www.brucevanpatter.com/buildahero.html

What is YOUR hero like? What kinds of situations does your character discover?

National Keep Kids Creative Week (Invent a World)

Tuesday, September 25th: The week keep going … This is NATIONAL KEEP KIDS CREATIVE WEEK (September 23-30).

The originator of this week’s creative merry-making, Bruce Van Patter, advises parents to take the lead. He states, “Kids need adults to set the tone, to let them know that it’s okay to be a little off-the-wall with their imaginations. If you are interested, they’ll spill their ideas. Just work to make the environment a positive one, where all ideas are celebrated, no matter how odd they are.”

Tonight, take some time to inspire creativity. Try Invent a World: when you make your own island… anything can happen!

This one is fun for adults too. Try it. What does YOUR new world look like?


Monday, September 24th: Quick Dog Steals Hippopotamus! What? It’s just another fun ‘Wacky Headlines’ night in NATIONAL KEEP KIDS CREATIVE WEEK (September 23 -30).

Bruce Van Patter, creator of this week long celebration advises that the first step is recognizing your child’s ability to “think outside the box”.

How to start? The important part is to make time. He states, “It’s not easy, I know. But it doesn’t have to be hours. Just take the time before or after your dinner. Or take a part of Sunday afternoon, or Saturday morning. You could even get creative while driving your kids somewhere.”

Tonight, try some fun, wacky time, with Wacky Headlines. Check here how to play this easy, fun and creative game.  http://www.brucevanpatter.com/wackyheadlines.html

What unique and crazy headlines did your family come up with?


Sunday, September 23rd: Inspire, encourage, support … It’s NATIONAL KEEP KIDS CREATIVE WEEK (September 23 -30).

More than ever before, kids today need encouragement to be imaginative. Their busy, task-oriented schedules in home and school give children little room for creative play. Set aside time this week to celebrate the inventive minds of kids. Encourage a child to make up a story, draw, even look for animals in cloud shapes—let their imaginations soar.


Bruce Van Patter created this week long celebration in 2003. It’s celebrated annually, the last week in September.

Start the week with some time in ‘The Story Kitchen’ tonight. Bruce’s Story Kitchen idea is to:

“Like my creative-writing activity The Story Kitchen, brainstorm some ideas for a main character, a villain and a bad guy. Keep each category in a separate pile or bag, then pull one out to determine what your story will be about. You’ll still need to decide what your character wants in the story, so you can talk that over or make another pile for that.”

What’s in YOUR Story Kitchen tonight?

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