E: Enjoying Life


This year as the A to Z Blog Challenge celebrates its 10th anniversary, and I’m working on my book (and attitude) about Embracing 60, I’m sharing some A – Z posts about ageing – some of them humorous, some of them serious.

If you want to enjoy your life at any stage,
pretend yourself to be a 7 years old child.

– Author unknown


Now, I don’t really want to be a 7-year old child again. Having someone make all the rules. Homework. Eight o’clock bedtimes. (Wait a minute – early bedtimes? Maybe I can go with this after all.)

But it doesn’t say to be a 7-year old, it says ‘pretend’. And with that comes looking at life with a childlike enthusiasm. No jaded attitudes allowed. Everything is possible. Life is full of miracles and delight. If we hear the tinkle of the ice cream man on a summer’s day and get to stop him and purchase one of the treasures contained in his truck – why, life is magnificent. Getting a new box of crayons, or chalk can be the highlight of the week. Is it any wonder than the ‘adult’ coloring books are so popular?

I remember when the most glorious afternoon was one spent rolling down a grassy hill with my brother and sister, and making mud pie hamburgers to serve my dad who’d sit at our outdoor ‘table’ and pretend to eat our scrumptious creations. Climbing the orange tree in the neighbor’s yard and catching bees in my terrarium – why those were the days.

You know, just thinking about these memories and reliving these 7-year old memories has already brought a smile to my face and lightened my heart.

I’m out of here. It’s the middle of the afternoon, but I have an ice cream cone to go buy.

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