A: Ageing Strudels



This year as the A to Z Blog Challenge celebrates its 10th anniversary, and I’m working on my book (and attitude) about Embracing 60, I’m sharing some A – Z posts about ageing – some of them humorous, some of them serious.

Older women are like aging strudels – the crust may not be so lovely,
but the filling has come at last into its own.

Robert Farrar Capon


Goodness, I don’t know how well I like being compared to an aging strudel. But then, I look down and scan my body. I see my arms and the skin that would no longer be termed as taunt. More wrinkles. Age spots starting to pop up like the freckles I used to be covered with in younger days. Hair that glistens more silver than gold anymore. Okay, I may have to concede on this issue – the ‘crust’ may not be so lovely anymore.

But the part about the filling that has come into its own – that one I’ll claim! Maybe it’s taken me sixty years to finally settle into my own true, authentic self. To know what I really want out of life. And, more importantly, what I don’t want. To finally learn that I can say no. That I don’t have to comply with all requests for my time or energy. To recognize that I’m an encourager – and that I can be that encourager while also setting boundaries so that I remain strong in myself. To finally learn how to let go of pieces of the past that are detrimental to me – while hanging on to the pieces that are precious and valued.

If that’s what it takes to be a filling that has come into its own, I’ll live with the not so lovely crust. It’s well worth the trade-off.

April 2019

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