The Never-ending List #JusJoJan

Today I’m writing to the Just Jot It January word prompt for the day – aggravation.

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This is Friday morning and I’m looking at the ‘To-do list’ I jotted down last Friday. About half of it is crossed off. I certainly should have made more progress than that over the past week. I find myself struggling with an attitude of aggravation when it takes me this long to cross items off the list. And now that it’s Friday, I need to add some of the routine Friday/Saturday things back to the list.


Some of the things that were accomplished this include: two books reviews, a newsletter, mailing off a book order, submitting a 53 word story, doing the agenda for our writer’s group, doing my end of year numbers, creating a new tracking document for 2018, updating my queries/submissions form…and more.

But…big sigh…still so much to do. And that’s not even getting to the fun things I want to play around with this year. One is needed for a March birthday.

All is good. At least when I hit ‘publish’ on this post, there’s one more item that can be checked off the list.

I’m curious – Do you ever finish everything on your to-do list?


Thoughts From the Editor

Lida Bushloper, a contributor in In Celebration of Sisters, features an interview with me today. Check it out on Lida’s page.

Lida Bushloper

thumbnail_Trishabiopic3Today I’m interviewing Trisha Faye, the editor of the newly released anthology In Celebration of Sisters.

Me: How did you come up with the idea for In Celebration of Sisters?

Trisha: This newest anthology, In Celebration of Sisters, is a follow-up – or companion – anthology to In Celebration of Mothers: Reflections Celebrating Motherhood, which I published last year. Last year, my mother was turning 80 and I was searching for something different and unique for a special birthday present. She certainly didn’t need any more knick-knacks or blankets. I thought of writing a book, but was looking at a fairly short time frame and didn’t think I could write an entire book by myself. So I put out a call for submissions to other authors and produced an anthology. My mom loved having a book dedicated to her, with an early picture of her and me…

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