Z: Zone Out (Meditation)

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I’m back at it, meditating, after an eye opener.

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to work on an exercise about realizing my innermost dreams and setting intentions to meet my goals that are stepping stones to my dearest dreams. The first part of the workbook advised spending ten minutes in meditation before completing the exercises.

As I pulled up a singing bowl meditation on You Tube, to listen to during my contemplation, I realized how infrequently I’d been meditating over the past year. I went and pulled out my journals. When I’d meditate, I also journaled following the meditation time, which left me a good time stamp to follow. In 2012 and 2013, I was going strong, spending some meditating and journaling almost every day. Then I got to 2014 and 2015 where I came to a screeching halt. Months would go by in between my special sessions.

A memory surfaced about a conversation with a friend. Back when I was still regularly meditating, I’d told her how much better my life was, having this practice in it. I explained how things just seemed ‘to flow’. Life was smoother, less stressful, and opportunities and coincidences filled my life.

So I’m back at it. As of yesterday. I made a big sign and taped it up on the door in my writing room, to remind me.

So when I’m posting different A to Z techniques to destress and keep a smile on your face, meditation absolutely has to be in that list.

Meditation brings more benefits than merely reducing stress. Huffington Post has an excellent article, 8 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life. Their eight benefits are listed here. See their article for more information. (It’s a great piece!)

Meditation reduces stress.

It improves concentration.

It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

The practice increases self-awareness.

It increases happiness.

Meditation increases acceptance.

It slows aging.

The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.

And if you’re one that wants more scientific research about meditation’s benefits, see this article by Live and Dare, SCIENTIFIC BENEFITS OF MEDITATION – 76 THINGS YOU MIGHT BE MISSING OUT ON. There’s plenty of research to back up the claims.

Today I even got up an hour earlier than usual…on a Saturday morning! And I started the day with peacefulness and contemplation. Zoning out…sometimes it’s the best way to spend your time.

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mhsusannematthews
    Apr 30, 2016 @ 19:16:14

    LOL Every time I try to meditate, my mind wanders back into the minutia of everyday life or my newest book. Congrats on finishing the challenge.


  2. slfinnell
    May 01, 2016 @ 15:24:38

    Love my mornings when everyone else is still in bed and the house is soooo quiet. I can understand why you need your time to meditate. Congrats on finishing!
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations
    Stephanies Stuff


  3. Kade's mom
    May 01, 2016 @ 15:39:15

    Love this! I want to incorporate more meditation into my life!


    • trishafaye
      May 01, 2016 @ 16:02:29

      It’s wonderful! Had another inspirational session this morning. For me it works best to do it first thing. Once I’m up and running, it’s hard to slow down and take the time.


  4. Susan Scott
    May 02, 2016 @ 10:28:58

    It’s true, when meditation becomes a daily practice (first thing in the morning) my day seems to go so much better. It’s toooo easy to fall out of practice … thanks for the reminder Trisha!


  5. Cheryl Wright
    May 02, 2016 @ 21:53:58

    I have often thought about trying meditation. Always heard good things about it. And I sure do need some sort of stress reducer these days.


  6. Cherrie Ali
    May 05, 2016 @ 04:31:27

    It’s so true!


  7. Miriam
    May 05, 2016 @ 05:32:28

    I did try meditation a couple of times. Didn’t really get anything from it, but I’m glad it works for you. Congratulations on finishing the challenge.


    • trishafaye
      May 05, 2016 @ 14:26:26

      That’s the beauty of us all being unique creatures, Miriam. What’s great for me isn’t necessarily great for anyone else. I know some people that swear by the benefits of running/jogging. Me? Nope! Give me a good old walk any day. I’m glad you at tried it though. Just giving something new a try is the most important part.


  8. Lissa Johnston (@Lissa_Johnston)
    May 05, 2016 @ 20:10:24

    Amen, sistah! I’m working on incorporating both yoga and meditation into a regular routine. Daily is the goal, but I’ll settle for weekly to start. Since I learned I don’t have to be sitting in cross legged pose and completely clearing my mind to do it properly, it makes it much easier to incorporate into the day.


    • trishafaye
      May 05, 2016 @ 20:27:41

      Yay Lissa! Way to go. And I think you’re right. Incorporating it into your life in sizable pieces is more important than following any recommendations that may not work for you.


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