A Memory Garden with no Plants?

What? You can’t garden you say. Your thumb is perpetually brown, not a green sprig in sight?

That’s okay. You can still have an area where you pay tribute to your loved ones that have passed. You can use statuary, stepping stones, garden signs, flags, windmills, chimes, bricks painted with their names – the possibilities are endless.

Here’s a short excerpt from MEMORY GARDENS: Botanical Tributes to Celebrate our Loved Ones (just released at Amazon this week) to give you some ideas.


MG_heart stumpWhat? You say you don’t have room for a garden? You don’t have a place to put any potted plants? Nothing grows there? You don’t have a green thumb?

It is possible to have a beautiful memory garden area without a single plant. Thousands of concrete and polyresin pieces exist, with loving sayings, angels, rainbows and a multitude of symbolic meanings that can create a memory area at your house, on a patio, in a corner of a room, or on a mantle. Angels in every form or fashion you can imagine are available. Pick up any mail order catalog. Do an internet search. Possibilities abound with something you can use to create a special space for our loved one.

Were they an ocean lover? Fill a basket, or a planter area, with sea shells, driftwood or pieces of smooth edged sea glass.

Were they a bowler? An old bowling ball or a bowling pin inscribed with their name will fill your memory area with special thoughts.

Look around your house or your yard. Find a corner, a niche, an area that you can fill with mementoes that bring your special loved one to mind. It may take a weekend. It may be an ongoing project that you keep adding to as you go along. When you spy that additional little trinket that brings your loved one to mind, think of them as you purchase it and bring it home to add to your collection. Their memories remain alive in your remembrance. Cherish the memories that return to you unbidden, even though they are sometimes painful and saddening. Our tears and emotions keep our feelings alive, and the connections with our loved ones open.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kimlhine
    Apr 01, 2015 @ 21:18:05

    Oh wow! A memory garden, what an awesome idea, I especially like the “Ocean Lovers” garden, I love collecting sea glass, most people think I am weird, I AM, but there’s something anout sea glass thats been worn smooth and is dull but yet still colourful enough to catch your eye as you walk along the beach. I am off to my holiday place at the beach later today, I am going to make it my mission to bring home goodies and make myself an “Ocean lovers” garden section.
    Thank you for sharing this post, I am going to reblog it so I can find it again!!


  2. kimlhine
    Apr 01, 2015 @ 21:20:11

    Reblogged this on Kim L Hine and commented:
    One of my fellow A- Z bloggers had this post on her blog and it’s touched me, I am going to make a section of my garden (I have an odd shapped garden bed) into an “Ocean Lovers” garden bed, and bring home pieces of “Bel Far Niente” with me, I am going to start today when I go down there, drift wood, sea glass and odd looking shells!! Watch this space for photos!!


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