From Bubble Gum to Groundhogs with a Side of Nutella

ground hog dayFor such a short little month, February’s celebrations are packed tighter than ticks on a hound dog, my Papa Goss might have said, showing his ‘Arkie (Arkansas) heritage.

From Bubble gum day on the 1st, Groundhog Day on the 2nd, and Super Bowl following along on the 3rd, there’s something special to celebrate all month long. I’m waiting for World Nutella Day on the 5th. I’m ready, jar of Nutella in hand and spoon poised.

February is more than a month for lovers. The month also celebrates Boy Scouts, rescued rabbits, and library lovers. It’s National African American History Month. It’s National Bird Feeding Month. It’s also Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month.

Celebrate life with wild abandon, in whatever form you choose. The options are plentiful, we just have to look. Go ahead. Pick a celebration. Celebrate ‘till you can’t stand it anymore. I dare you, even double dog dare you, whether your hound dog has ticks or not.

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  1. viveka
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 19:44:49

    I celebrate … and it’s true every day when I have my breakfast – I enjoy my breakfast that much. Silly creature. *smile .. Have a great Nutella Day!


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