International Creativity Month

creativity2January celebrates our creativity. How can we honor and celebrate our own creativity? One way is to look at things differently. Often, we get in our own little ruts and move through life without looking closely. Look around. What can we do different? What mind sets could use a little tweak?

Creativity is more than creating art. It’s finding new solutions for our problems. It’s taking new initiatives in our relationships. It’s creating a better life for ourselves and our families.

And yes, often times it does involve art, or crafting, or “playing”.

This month, try to add some creativity to your life. Take ten or fifteen minutes each day and give yourself the gift of creating. Grab some crayons and color up your world. Grab a pencil and doodle. “Borrow” the children’s clay and make your own creation. Look for new solutions, open your mind to new possibilities.

Celebrate life, celebrate your creativity!

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