November Winding Down … but still here!

November 27, 2012

Three more days … there are three days left to celebrate in November. Contrary to public retail opinion, the calendar does not contain three or more months of solid December consumerism. Other months are alive and well between school starting and the year ending! (Can you tell my “day job” is in retail and I’m burned out already?)

November 29th is Electronic Greetings Day. It’s quick and easy. Send a virtual card to someone you love. Brighten their day.

November 30th is Stay Home Because You’re Well Day. No, I won’t be celebrating this one, I can’t do that. But I will be there in spirit!

Other monthly celebrations for the month of November include, National Diabetes Month (always something to be aware of before we spend the next month ingesting more sugar than our bodies need), National Georgia Pecan Month (honored by that traditional Thanksgiving favorite – pecan pie), National Life Writing Month (can I use that as part of my Nano writing –National Novel Writing Month?), and National Sweet Potato Awareness Month (one of my favorites, I celebrate this delicious treat every month).

For the next three days, take a moment to stop, look around your life and celebrate the love and abundance that surrounds you.

(So, you ask … what does the photo of the crooked house in Poland have to do with November’s celebrations? Not a thing. Not a single thing. But it makes me smile. And in these frenzied holiday activity cram-packed days, anything that brings a smile to our faces is a good thing. Have a happy day!)

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