Happy Birthday Annie Peck

Friday, October 19th: A woman scaling mountains; Happy Birthday Annie Peck! Born October 19, 1850, Annie Smith Peck discovered she had a passion for climbing mountains. She scaled several moderate-sized mountains in Europe and in the United States, including Mount Shasta. In 1895, she climbed the Matterhorn and suddenly became quite well known.

According to Wikipedia, “She climbed Mount Orizaba and Mount Popocatepetl in Mexico in 1897. Although, already over fifty years old, Peck wanted to make a very special climb. She travelled to South America in 1903, looking for a mountain taller than Aconcagua in Argentina (6960 m). She climbed Mount Sorata in Bolivia in 1904, and in 1908 she was the first person to climb Mount Nevado Huascaran  in Peru (6768 m) (she climbed the north peak, the south peak is actually taller and was first climbed by Germans in 1932, fourteen years later Yungay, Peru ), accompanied by two Swiss mountain guides. She wrote a book about her experiences called The Search for the Apex of America: HighMountain Climbing in Peru and Bolivia, including the Conquest of Huascaran, with Some Observations on the Country and People Below.”

Annie continued climbing mountains well into her sixties. She was an explorer, a woman who followed her dreams, a woman who celebrated life. Thinking of you today Annie Peck!

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