Saturday, September 29th: More, more, more ideas to celebrate NATIONAL KEEP KIDS CREATIVE WEEK (September 23-30).

The maestro of this fun, inspiring creative week, Bruce Van Patter, challenges parents to get kids up and running. He says, “Just because your kids have an active imagination, it doesn’t follow that they know how to use it. It’s like having a car with a powerful engine; one still needs a road map to get anywhere. So give your kids the road map toward coming up with an original idea. You can do this by building a loose framework that will guide your creative time together, but still leave room for them to come up with their own idea.”

For a whole slew of ideas to inspire creativity, here are a couple ways to start your kids making up a story:

Seeing With Your Imagination: why just see when you can see creatively?
Mugshots: still need help building a character? Click on a face and I’ll walk you through it.
Cloud Shapes: remember seeing animals in cloud shapes? What do you see in these?
Seeing Double: they’re simple drawings. Or are they? Another way to look at things differently.
Igyft: the ultimate doodle game. Can you take the challenge?
KidTales: use a drawing I’ve done in a school as a starting point for stories
Reading Aloud: curl up with your child and a good book. Here’s practical advice.
Sharing Your Own Stories: “Did I ever tell you about the time..? ” Your personal stories matter.
Food Art: playing with your food? You’ll never look at your lunchmeat the same again
Scavenger Hike: it’s a hike with both eyes wide open. What will you be looking for?
Town Treasure Hunt: like the Scavenger Hike, but in a town or urban setting. The game’s afoot!
Drawing from Nature: here’s a free art lesson about drawing from real life
Mythical American Animals: those wacky pioneers! What will they think of next?
Looking at Constellations: got stars in your eyes? Here’s how to see the real constellations.
Strange Inventions: what were they thinking? Real, patented — and weird — inventions
Family Brainstorming: here’s how to help the kids in your family come up with ideas
Classroom Brainstorming: the same material as above, but applied to kids at school
Adventures in Graceland: read my journal of creative discovery with my daughter


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