Friday, September 7th: Happy Birthday Google! Today is GOOGLE COMMEMORATION DAY, celebrating the company that became a verb. was registered fourteen years ago, September 15, 1997. The company subsequently incorporated on September 4, 1998. Somehow, amidst the two dates, September 7th became the day to commemorate the site.

Google is a search engine site, quickly becoming one of the most popular search engines. Their quality search results soon became a verb as everyone began “googling” for information, even if they were using another search engine.

I learned something new today. I discovered the creations known as Google Doodles. Huh? A Google Doodle? The story is that in 1998, the founders Larry and Sergey fiddled with the company logo, placing a stick figure drawing behind the 2nd ‘o’ in the word. They wanted a comical message to their users that they were “out of the office” and attending the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Two years later, in 2000, they asked an intern (at the time, he’s now current webmaster) to design a Google-doodle for Bastille Day. More doodles began appearing on the site, and the rest, as they say, is history. To date over 1,000 doodles have been created, by an entire doodlers team. More than 300 doodles have been designed for the United States Google site and over 700 have been designed for international Google sites.

Check out the unique doodles that have been created:

Two of my favorites are interactive doodles. One was created to celebrate Les Paul and its an interactive guitar that you can play. The other one (bringing back memories that may date me) is a mini-Pac Man game you can play, celebrating Pac Man’s 30th anniversary. Try it out!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindy Brown (@hiyacynthia)
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 13:25:42

    I love both of those! I remember playing the guitar one – what a neat thing Google has made of themselves – and as I understand, they are a very fun company to work for.


    • trishafaye
      Sep 08, 2012 @ 20:49:47

      I’d never heard of a ‘google-doodle’ before this. I had so much fun with the guitar one. I think I sat there for ten minutes playing around making music instead of writing the blog LOL


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