SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE WEEK: Day 6 (Personal Life)

Monday, August 6th: Six days, six days out of the week to celebrate SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE WEEK. Have you been able to implement any simplification steps to your life this week? Here’s a few ways to simplify your personal life. (Although, there is a little overlap here between previous days tips. Just as in ‘real life’, simplifying your life doesn’t always fit neatly into little cubbies.)

  • Just Say No. Already mentioned in Day 2 for Lifestyles, learning to say ‘No’ bears repeating. Saying no to requests, from friends, family and organizations can have a huge impact on reducing our commitments of time, energy and resources. Do you find it difficult to say no, especially when caught off-guard? Have a list of excuses handy, maybe a list by the phone or on your computer. Practice a few; the words will flow out of your mouth easier if the words are familiar. No. No, thank you. No, I can’t this time. No, that doesn’t work for me. No, I’m too overcommitted to take on anything else. Try it, you’ll be amazed.
  • Just be Yourself. Trying to be someone else, or trying to live a life that’s not true to your values and beliefs is horribly complicating. Not being yourself robs you of time you don’t have. An unauthentic life steals energy that isn’t always sufficient for the life you want to live. Having ‘things’ and participating in activities that don’t resonate with the ‘real you’ diverts resources that could go towards removing debt, that can add joyful activates to your life, or could support causes that are dear to your heart.
  • If It’s Not Working, Stop Doing It: If an activity, relationship, friendship, organization, or anything, doesn’t compliment your life anymore … stop it. Let it go and use your energies for a life that’s fulfilling.
  • Take Time to Watch the Sunset: Slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature. Learn to appreciate the wondrous sights that we often take for granted. A beautiful sunset (or sunrise or magnificent stormy sky) soothes our souls … and is FREE!

Enjoy the sunset  … in your new simplified life!


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