Thursday, August 2nd: Simplify my life? Is it possible? Today is the second day of SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE WEEK. Here are a few ideas to simplify your lifestyle. Not every idea will be for every person. We all have different lives, different needs and different values. Simplifying your life is about taking control of your life, leaving you the time, energy and freedom to live a life YOU want to live. Read through these ideas, take what you can use, leave what doesn’t call to you, and expand on what you can.

  • Vacation at Home: Use the time to catch up on projects that have been haunting you. Take the time for home repairs, maintenance or yard work you’ve wanted to accomplish. Sleep in. Take naps. Visit attractions in your own backyard; many are free or low cost. Stop at your local library; come home with an armload of FREE books to read during your days off.
  • Reduce Mail: Cancel magazine subscriptions, especially those you never seem to have time to read. Take your stacks of unread and piling higher magazines to a good home; a local nursing home, Girl Scout troop, or thrift store. Opt out of junk mail. (See How about that email box littered with hundreds (or thousands) of unread emails you never seem to have the time to read? Many of those weekly or monthly updates from companies, or newsletters that were so interesting long ago don’t apply to your life anymore. Unsubscribe to those you no longer are interested in.
  • Meetings and Organizations: Are you involved with groups that don’t fit your life anymore? These organized groups (and their commitments) can easily multiply like rabbits if unattended. Soon they require more evenings and weekends than you care to spend your precious time attending. Take a look at the groups you’re involved with. Keep those that are meaningful and important to you. Bow out of those that don’t make the ‘A’ list.
  • Rethink Meals with Friends: Socializing is an important aspect to a fulfilling and satisfying life. If too much time and energy goes into cleaning, cooking and preparing for a social evening, rethink and start meeting at restaurants to make your life easier. Is too much time and money being spent in restaurants? Then, maybe for you meeting friends at home may be simplifying. What about a potluck? Everyone brings a dish and the entire food preparation isn’t put on one set of shoulders.
  • Just Say ‘No’: The sage advice we try to instill in our children are precious words for our adult lives also. We DO NOT need to comply with every request for our time, energy and resources. You don’t need to explain why. The requestor always seems to have a comeback or a rebuttal for your ‘no’. Simply say ‘no’, or ‘I’m sorry, that won’t work for me.’ And leave it at that.

What one thing can you do today to simplify YOUR life?


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