Book Review: Reshaping Reality – Creating Your Life

Book Review
Reshaping Reality: Creating Your Life!
By Robin Marvel
Reviewed by Trisha Faye

Don’t allow your past to dictate who you are today. Robin Marvel, in her newest book, shows us that it is possible to reshape our reality and create a joyful, fulfilling, authentic life. Reshaping Reality – Creating Your Life has life-lessons and tools that empower us to release the past, remove the victim mind set and live a life of renewed personal growth.

We all have a past. We all have blemishes. We do not need to let the imperfections of our journey continue to tarnish our daily life. Robin reveals tools and exercises that help us take our negative life situations and propel us into a life of purpose and meaning.

Helen Hayes said, “From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened you discover you have wings.” Robin’s life is proof that this quote is not always true. She freely and openly shares stories of her past that show she did not learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other from her parents. Robin says that we all have choices in life. She made different choices than the ones she was taught. She didn’t let her abusive childhood and the difficulties she experienced determine who she would become as an adult. She also chose to share her wisdom with others, so that others can open a book and discover that they have wings.

Robin states, “I have used these unfortunate circumstances I lived as a child and turned them into a way to encourage others to live a life of confidence and strength.” Robin had choices. We have choices.

Reshaping Reality – Creating Your Life is an easy and understandable book to read. The only downside was that I finished the book and wasn’t ready for it to be over. I wanted to keep reading.

Although this book reads easily, it’s not one that should be read and set aside. Change does not happen overnight. This book is far from a quick fix. Each chapter is only two pages long and is followed by three exercises to reshape our beliefs and our daily life. My own thought is that since each chapter only takes five to ten minutes to read, it would be effective to read one chapter a day. Choose a time of day to sit, read and contemplate that days chapter, either in the morning as our day starts to gear up, or in the evening as we’re winding down for the night. Work your way from beginning to end, or use your intuition to randomly pick a chapter each day. During the day, as you go about your daily life, reflect on the words you read and the exercises that follow. Integrate the wisdom into your life on a daily basis, small pieces at a time.

Some of the chapters you encounter in this book may not be lessons you need to learn at this present time on your current path. ‘It’s My Energy’ was one of those for me. Robin reveals how energetic interactions impact our life and health. It’s an excellent chapter, however my beliefs on energy are already aligned with Robin’s.

Now, ‘Let Go … My Ego’; that chapter … not so easy. In this chapter Robin talks about the need for approval, the need to judge, and the need to control. Ouch!  Another difficult chapter (for me) was ‘Mirror, Mirror On the Wall’. Here Robin shares how each relationship we experience reflects a lesson our soul needs. She states, “Each person we encounter acts as a mirror, allowing us to see who we are, revealing our true issues and true inner state.” Double-ouch!

Reshaping Reality – Creating Your Life contains wisdom for a journey of self-discovery. It’s a road map written by someone who has walked a rocky path and elevated their life to one that’s rich, rewarding and authentic. In writing this book, she holds out a hand to help others over the bumps and obstacles that can so easily mire us down. As with all lessons in life, open your heart, take what you can use and accept the knowledge that awaits you.

One of Robin’s recent Facebook posts sums up the essence of Reshaping Reality, “Today I encourage you to Own Your Life! Accept personal responsibility for where you are today and if you do not like it, start changing it. Be confident that each step of change your make is a step in the direction of Owning Your Life!!”

Reshaping Reality – Creating Your Life is Robin’s fourth book. Other books by Robin Marvel are: Awakening Consciousness A Girl’s Guide, Awakening Consciousness A Boy’s Guide, and Awakening Consciousness A Woman’s Guide. Check out her web site for more information

(Trisha received a copy of this book for review from the author, publisher, or publicist.
Any personal opinions stated in this review are her own.)

July 2012

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