Monday, June 4th: Ahhhh…. Nothing beats the fresh scent of clean sheets dried on a clothesline. Celebrate INTERNATIONAL CLOTHESLINE WEEK (June 2-8) by drying at least one load of clothes on a clothesline this week. (All week works too!) Mother Earth appreciates it. She even provides the solar and wind power free of charge.

Wellness Mania, the sponsor of this earth-friendly celebration, states that there are many benefits in participating in this holiday. Fourteen benefits follow:

  1. Saves up to 10% of residential energy; Running a dryer 20 hours a month will cost you on average 100 kilowatt hours. A clothesline’s operating costs are zero!!
  2. Less need for nuclear energy or coal energy.
  3. Fewer emissions which saves our health, literally less deaths and saves the earth.
  4. Using solar and wind power – free.
  5. Clothes smell better (like sun and air).
  6. Clothes feel better.
  7. Clothes will last much longer (less wear and tear from the heat and tumbling of the dryer).
  8. Clothes don’t wrinkle – no need to use electric iron, another savings.
  9. No need to wait for the dryer to finish.
  10. Don’t have to empty the lint tray.
  11. Improve relationships; working together for the greater good builds friendships and love…
  12. Can be therapeutic – the time it takes to hang the clothes can be time of reflection of you, family, earth, etc.
  13. Burn calories – because you’re exercising many muscles you burn about 45 calories every 15 minutes.
  14. Go a step further and use cold water for your wash to save additional energy. Hot water does NOT clean clothes any better than cold. Hot water DOES deteriorate clothes faster and fades colors quicker. If cold doesn’t work for you, use warm instead of hot. This step alone will reduce massive amounts of pollution!


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  1. hiyacynthia
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 15:26:50

    Sorry Trisha. I admit I am addicted to the dryer. My grandmas both used a clothesline, though. That’s a good memory. I just saw some of the old wooden clothespins the other day in my mother-in-law’s antique store and it brought back memories. Not enough memories to make me want to do it myself, however. But I did almost buy the pins to use for some kind of craft project… ha ha!


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