Thursday, May 17th: Independence; it’s a universal desire. Today is SYTTENDE MAI, the dayNorway celebrates its independence from Swedish rule (1814). Syttende Mai means May Seventeenth. In theUSA, we celebrate our Independence Day with gusto: parades, good food and fireworks from coast to coast.Norway is much the same. Their day of celebration has parades, children singing, flags, people wearing red, white and blue ribbons, children making a lot of noise shouting “Hurra!”, singing, blowing whistles and shaking rattles.  And food … of course, a lot of food! Traditional Norwegian dishes such as lutefisk, rutabaga, meatballs, cranberries, lefse or bratwurst, along with icce cream, and other sweets are consumed.

Although May 17 is the National Day, Wikipedia reports that “it is an inclusive kind of nationalism. Therefore any foreigner who happens to be there on this day can expect to have a flag thrust into their hand and is welcome to join in with all activities.” BesidesNorway, festivities take place around the globe:London, OrkeyScotland,StockholmSwedenand theUS. Festivities in the US take place in Petersburg Alaska, Stoughton Wisconsin, Chicago Illinois Springrove Minnesota, Decorah Iowa, Seattle Washington, Poulsbo Washington and Bay Ridge Brooklyn, to name a few.

Happy Syttende Mai everyone!


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  1. viveka
    May 18, 2012 @ 18:20:16

    SYTTENDE MAI – is a big party day in Norway .. the whole nation is going mad. A day to be in Oslo.


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