Saturday, May 5th: We can celebrate this occasion all month long, with long lasting benefits. It’s NATIONAL MEDITATION MONTH. This is a month long campaign “to educate the public about the physical, emotional and mental benefits of meditation.” Annually celebrated in May, it’s sponsored by The Deep Calm, an organization committed to creating awareness about meditation and its link to inner peace and peace in the world.

Elesa Commerse at states that meditation has been proven to: Relieve stress, Improve mental clarity and memory, Reduce heart rate, Lower blood pressure, Reduce muscle tension, and Enhance an overall sense of well-being.

They also claim that “meditation can be used within your own cultural and religious background to: alleviate suffering, help you show up for life, calm your body and mind, relieve stress, develop patience, enhance concentration, help you live from a place of intention, make you more available to peace and joy, help you demonstrate more compassion for yourself and others, mitigate anger and frustration, release tension in the body, inspire you to live with an open heart, quicken your ability and willingness to forgive, heal relationships, foster understanding, strengthen your smile muscles, help restore your flower nature, and help you realize your highest potential.”

Now, who among us can’t use more of these positive benefits in our lives?

Dr. Weil, (I admit it, he’s my all time favorite medical doctor) concurs. His website states:

“We spend all day (and sometimes all night, too!) in a whirlwind of thought. When there isn’t something particular to think about (what to eat for breakfast, the tasks of the day, or what you’re going to say in an upcoming meeting), we search restlessly for something to fill the gap-worries, hopes, television, and so on. We never allow our minds to rest. And without this precious self-healing time, our minds become exhausted and thoughts less trustworthy. Just as we need to stop moving our bodies every once in a while, we also need to stop moving our minds. But how? The idea can actually seem terrifying, not to mention impossible.

But it is quite possible. The practice of self-healing meditation is just this: resting the mind in silence and space, allowing it time to recover and rejuvenate. Meditation does not mean sitting in a perfect state of peace while having no thoughts. Big misconception! Instead, meditation is about establishing a different relationship with your thoughts, just for a little while. Instead of attention being drawn off by whatever thought happens to present itself, in meditation, you watch your thoughts from a different, more stabilized perspective. You’re training yourself to place your attention where and when you want. This is very powerful. It gives you the ability to direct your thoughts (and mood) in more productive and peaceful directions. And, as has been demonstrated in the last few years, this ability has profound self-healing implications for physical and mental health.”

View Dr. Weil’s full article on meditation at:

Celebrate life; celebrate meditation all month (and longer!) and the benefits will add quality of life, peace, and a healthier mind and body to your life.


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