W’s celebration is for WELL, I’LL BE – Is that a POEM IN YOUR POCKET?

Thursday, April 26th: W’s celebration is for WELL, I’LL BE – Is that a POEM IN YOUR POCKET? The Academy of American Poets sponsors NATIONAL POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY every April 26th. They claim it’s simple. Just select a poem. Carry it in your pocket today. Share it with family, friends, and co-workers. Share it on your Facebook status. Tweet it, if it’s short enough.

There are other ideas on their web page (http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/406).

  Start a “poems for pockets” give-a-way in your school or workplace

  Post pocket-sized verses in public places

  Handwrite some lines on the back of your business cards

  Distribute bookmarks with your favorite immortal lines

  Add a poem to your email footer

  Post a poem on your blog or social networking page

  Project a poem on a wall, inside or out

  Text a poem to friends

What? You don’t have a favorite poem, no idea what you want to carry and share? Poems are available here: http://www.poets.org/page.php/prmID/59. There’s even an i-phone app. Happy Poem in your Pocket Day!

V’s celebration is for VICTIMS RIGHTS WEEK

Wednesday, April 25th: Hear ye, hear ye! V’s celebration is for VICTIMS RIGHTS WEEK. (Technically National Crime Victims’ Rights, but I needed a ‘V’ for the A to Z blog challenge, so please excuse the author liberties taken.) By order of Presidential Proclamation, this week is hereby proclaimed ‘National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, 2012’. According to the proclamation, “During National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, we commemorate the efforts of all who bring hope to crime victims during their darkest hour. As we reflect on the progress we have made toward ensuring fair treatment and full support for all crime victims, let us renew that fundamental American impulse to stand with those in need.”

The Albany Herald states, “According to the federal government, 18.7 million people fell victim to crime and physical violence in 2011.” Victims and their families benefit from help in several different ways. They need emotional and moral support, witness support during the judicial process, and practical support such as financial assistance, medical treatment, or insurance claims assistance.

Local agencies provide assistance and most can use volunteer help or donations. Local crimes frequently hold candlelight vigils or memorial readings, where a helping hand is appreciated. Contact your local police or social services departments to locate agencies in your own backyard to help. Or check with one of these organizations:

The NationalCenterfor Victims of Crime: www.ncvc.org

Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation: http://www.mvfr.org/

Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights: http://www.mvfhr.org/

Victim Support Foundation facilitates direct victims of violent crime as well as those who may have been indirectly affected such as a neighbor, family member or witness. http://tntvsf.org/?page_id=6

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