Today I’m celebrating a healthier ME! S’s celebration is for SOY FOODS MONTH.

Saturday, April 21st: Today I’m celebrating a healthier ME! S’s celebration is for SOY FOODS MONTH. Part of celebrating every aspect of life includes living a healthier life that gives us energy and vitality. April is Soy Foods Month. Incorporating more soy into my diet is one way (one of several) towards better health. And besides, what better way to annoy those you love (and those you don’t love) than to live longer?

According to, “Soyfoods are a key part of a plant-based diet. Here’s why:

  • Heart health. A good source of plant protein, soy is one of only a few food components that reduces blood cholesterol.
  • Weight management. Soy can help people achieve lower body weight and may help to redistribute unhealthy fat deposits away from the body core.
  • Wholesome nutrition. Eating more soyfoods in place of animal-based protein sources lowers saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories in the diet, while increasing important nutrients like dietary fiber, foliate, iron, and other minerals.
  • Satisfying and delicious. Soy-based alternatives look, smell, and taste just like meat, chicken, and fish. And, packed with protein and fiber, soyfoods are just as filling.”

For some recipes to get you started, see:

Check this out for information on the health benefits of soy:

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  1. Bev
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 19:02:00


    I’ve actually been thinking about leaving red meat out of our diets here at home. It’s so hard on digestion. But the thought of tofu has been holding me back. I really need to investigate more. Thanks for the link.

    Stopping in via the A-Z blogging challenge.

    Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent


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