H’s celebration is for HABITAT AWARENESS MONTH

Monday, April 9th: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! H’s celebration is for HABITAT AWARENESS MONTH. Celebrated each April, this month is a worldwide observance for the need to protect the habitat of all Earth’s creatures, to make a conscious effort to preserve nature’s ecosystems.

Started by PALS (Protecting & Preserving Animalkind, Living Habitats and Spiritual Unity), this month is observed by many. The PALS Foundation extends a helping hand to educate and inspire a commitment to protect and preserve wildlife and their natural habitats.

As development slowly and steadily encroaches outward, natural habitats are lost, thousands of acres at a time. Increasing pesticide and herbicide use, coupled with the lost acreage for living, foraging and hunting food, is devastating for creatures that can’t speak for themselves.

What can you do to celebrate the life of the living creatures we share our world with? Can you add a birdfeeder and birdbath to your yard? Can you leave some brush area undisturbed? How about making sure you have three levels in your landscaping, grasses, shrubbery and trees? Maybe ditching the pesticides and going organic? Donating to organizations that promote native habitat areas and animal preservation? Let’s celebrate life … all life and recognize habitats for us ALL.


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