E’s celebration is for EXPERIENCE ‘LAUGH AT WORK WEEK’.

Thursday, April 5th: E’s celebration is for EXPERIENCE ‘LAUGH AT WORK WEEK’. We’ve all got to be there. Let’s enjoy ourselves while we’re there. Laugh at Work Week runs from April 1st to April 7th. There’s still a few days left. Laugh and have fun.

Laugh at Work Week was founded by Randall Munson and is celebrated annually worldwide. He states, “Laughter and humor are an important part of the workplace. Benefits of laughing at work include improved productivity, creativity, teamwork, communication, stress relief, job satisfaction, and employee retention.”

— music Maestro …. (cue cheerful voices in the background, with visions of Seven Dwarfs)  … When there’s too much to do … Don’t let it bother you, forget your troubles, … Try to be just like a cheerful chick-a-dee … And whistle while you work (whistle).   Come on get smart, tune up and start … to whistle while you work ………

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  1. viveka
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 13:14:46

    When I worked … there was laugh at work every week. Master on bad jokes. *smile … we need a laughter more than we need beers and wines. A man don’t have to be handsome to be popular with us ladies – it’s enough if he makes us laugh.


  2. a.eye
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 17:08:58

    Days when I don’t laugh really suck! I can say, as a teacher, my days are usually filled with some sort of laughter either with my colleagues or with students. Makes the day easier.


    • trishafaye
      Apr 06, 2012 @ 23:23:59

      Laughter does make the days lighter, doesn’t it? And I find that sometimes looking for the good – or the laughter- in different situations changes my whole perspective. (on the times I remember to look for the good LOL)


  3. Randall Munson
    Apr 07, 2012 @ 14:04:42

    If you enjoy your job you never have to go to work.
    Randall Munson, Founder of Laugh at Work Week


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