A Reason to … Celebrate, Remember, Have Fun! (Feb 10-16)

Friday, February 10th: What in the world is PLIMSOLL DAY? Unless you’re a seafaring type, you probably wouldn’t know. Possibly countless lives have been saved, thanks to the efforts of Samuel Plimsoll.

In 1853, Samuel tried and failed at becoming a coal merchant inLondon. After a period of destitution, he learned about the trials and tribulations of poverty. After regaining his wealth, he resolved to devote his time to improving the poor’s living conditions. One of his passions was increasing the safety of the crews of what was known as “coffin ships”. At the time, sea merchants often overloaded vessels, many of them unseaworthy to begin with. The vessels were heavily insured, ensuring a hefty profit for the owners, oftentimes with the loss of a ship, along with the crews manning her.

Samuel fought to pass a bill dealing with the subject of a safe load line on ships. Eventually legislation passed where a mark painted on the ship would indicate the safe limit to which the ship could be loaded. This mark became known as Plimsoll’s mark or line.

Saturday, February 11th: In honor of Thomas Alva Edison’s birth, it’s BE ELECTRIFIC DAY! This day recognizes his electrical inventions, including the light bulb. Thank you, Thomas Edison. What would our world be like today without electricity? I celebrate your discovery everyday. Check out this sight with some of Edison’s early light bulbs. We’ve ‘come a long way baby’. http://www.edisonian.com/p001b002.htm

Sunday, February 12th: Strawberry, cherry, lime, orange, pineapple, watermelon … so many flavors, so little time. But wait, there IS time. There’s a whole week to celebrate JELLO WEEK! Now only one question remains …. With or without whipped cream?

Monday, February 13th: “There is nothing more beautiful, powerful and free than a woman who truly loves herself.” Today is MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME DAY. You know that you love yourself if you:
… Know your dreams, and live them.
… Love yourself, all of her, especially the parts hard to love.
… Settle for nothing less than your heart and soul desire.
… Have only relationships full of unconditional love and respect.
… Are nice to yourself
… Treat your body like a temple (and you love her as she is)
… Take care of yourself, without guilt (you give from the overflow)
… Design a sustainable life that supports you, not exhausts you.

Feel the love, read inspiring interviews, pick one area of self-love that needs enhancing and dare to give it to yourself. See www.madlyinlovewithme.com for lots of free goodies.

Tuesday, February 14th: Have a heart. Or rather, give a heart – or a kidney – or a liver. Today is NATIONAL DONOR DAY. Instead of following the crowd with the typical chocolates and flowers today, why not give the gift of life? Register to be a donor. One organ donor has the potential to save eight lives. Celebrate life; celebrate life with love. Go to www.organdonor.gov for more information.

Wednesday, February 15th: Gummy, gummy gumdrops! It’s NATIONAL GUM DROP DAY. Two stories are circulating about who invented them; it’s either Percy Trusdale in 1801 or Hans Reigal in 1922. Either way, they’ve been around a long time. Celebrate the day with gum drops, a game of Candyland (of course visiting Gumdrop Mountain and Gumdrop Pass) and a gum drop craft. Check out this site for directions on how to make a gum drop topiary: http://www.sheknows.com/holidays-and-seasons/articles/808213/easter-crafts-for-kids-three-fun-kids-activities

Thursday, February 16th:  It’s not too late; not too late for kindness. It’s RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS WEEK, until February 19th. Help someone whose car is broken down. Let someone in front of you in line. Pitch in some change if someone is short. Help an elderly neighbor with yard work. Pay someone’s toll. Say hello. Bring your co-workers a special treat. What can you do each day for a random act of kindness? As William Wordsworth wrote, “The best portion of a good man’s life, his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.” See www.randomactsofkindness.com for more ideas and information.

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