A Reason to … Celebrate, Remember, Have Fun! (Jan 20-26, 2011)

Friday, January 20th: January is a month of many “National” celebrations. One of January’s observances that fits in with new beginnings is NATIONAL BE ON PURPOSE MONTH. What do you want out of life? Are you living your life to its fullest? Take charge of your life. Determine what you want out of life, and who you want to be. Don’t live a life of reaction and merely rolling along “going with the flow”. Sit down today and spend a few minutes thinking about what actions you can take that will put in line with the life you want to live. Celebrate life by being on purpose, this month and the rest of the year.

Saturday, January 21st: “Hugging has no unpleasant side effects and is all natural. There are no batteries to replace, it’s inflation-proof and non-fattening with no monthly payments. It’s non-taxable, non-polluting, and is, of course, fully refundable.” ~Author Unknown. I wish I could meet ‘Author Unknown’ and give them a hug. It’s NATIONAL HUGGING DAY. First celebrated in 1986, Kevin Zaborney, created the day for family and friends to hug often and freely with one another. The day has grown tremendously since then, now being celebrated internationally. Here’s a day we should celebrate everyday!

Sunday, January 22nd: Today is a day dear to my heart. It’s CELEBRATION OF LIFE DAY! Following my cardiac arrest a year ago last October, I am truly grateful for my “second chance” and celebrate life everyday, not just on special days. Celebrate life and find joy in little ways and big. Use your good dishes for your family dinners. Wear the colors that make you feel good. Stop at the park and swing away to your hearts content. Enjoy a vase of fresh flowers to brighten your life. As Tim McGraw sings, “Live like you were dying.” What brings you joy? What can you do today to celebrate life?

Monday, January 23rd: Gung hay Fat Choy! (Or, ‘Happy New Year’ in Mandarin Chinese, if the translator is right). Today marks the beginning of the CHINESE NEW YEAR. We can celebrate two New Year beginnings. Commemorate by wearing red and gold, the traditional Chinese colors of wealth and good fortune. Decorate your home with flowers and blooming plants, symbolizing rebirth and new growth. Mandarins with their leaves still intact bring happiness for the New Year. Fill bowls of mandarins, in even numbers (uneven numbers bring unhappiness), and place around your home. Of course, my favorite part of the celebration is …. Chinese food for dinner!

Tuesday, January 24th: You gave such a nice presentation; organized and well thought out. That’s a beautiful color for you. Your flower arrangements are beautiful and natural looking. Today is NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY. Celebrate the day by complementing at least five people. Lift the spirits of those around you. Make their day. And you’ll feel good too.

Wednesday, January 25th: Time … we all have the same amount – 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour, 60 seconds a minute. So, where does it all go? We blink our eyes and the day is over, the week flies by, the years go faster and faster. This week is NATIONAL TAKE BACK YOUR TIME WEEK. What nonessential tasks and activities can you give up with the intent of reclaiming valuable time? Target specific chores, errands or social obligations to delegate or skip completely. Use this new found time to recharge your batteries and boost your energy and enthusiasm for life. Keep some available time for yourself by saying ‘No’, committing to fewer activities and building some down time into your schedule. Celebrate life, celebrate your own time!

Thursday, January 26th: A Celtic candied treat, an American Colonial concoction, or an 1890 accident by a New England housewife; I saw sources citing each of these as the beginning of peanut brittle. Despite the debate of how this candy came to be, it’s yummy! Today is NATIONAL PEANUT BRITTLE DAY. Months of Edible Celebrations has a peanut brittle recipe ,complete with directions, in rhyming form, on the December 18, 2007 post (www.monthsofedblecelebrations.com.) However, in the interest of ‘Take Back Your Time Week’ that is also this week; I’ll most likely be buying my peanut brittle to celebrate with!


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