A Reason to … Celebrate, Remember, Have Fun! (Jan 6-12, 2012)

Friday, January 6th: I’ll buy a vowel. Today celebrates …. The Wheeeeeeel of Fortune. Debuting January 6th, 1975, WHEEL OF FORTUNE is the longest-running syndicated game show in theUS, with over 5,000 episodes aired. From its humble beginnings as a television show, the ‘Wheel’ quickly branched out to board games, then spread to computers and the Internet. Tonight, I’ll celebrate with the ‘Wheel’. I’ll pop some popcorn and watch Pat and Vanna host another episode. Hmmmm, too bad you can’t win a car or cash from the living room sofa!

Saturday, January 7th: That’s it! I’ve had it. Today is I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE DAY. I haven’t discovered the origin of this day, but it’s a perfect day to start the New Year out with.  A new year, filled with aspirations of new beginnings and change, is also a time of letting go of things that no longer serve you, be it habits, people, jobs or other bothersome issues. What is in your life that you’re not going to take anymore? Celebrate life by letting go of something today.

Sunday, January 8th: Forget the computer today. Pull out a pen and an old-fashioned piece of paper. Today marks the beginning of UNIVERSAL LETTER WRITING WEEK. Write a personal note to someone and drop it in the mail. You’ll make their day. Feeling ambitious? Try a letter a day for the entire week!

Monday, January 9th : Mmmmm …. Chamomile, green, pumpkin spice, Earl Gray, Chai, oolong, vanilla …: so many teas, so little time. January is HOT TEA MONTH. As we head into the coldest part of winter, these are the perfect evenings to sit and relax with a cup of hot tea. Have a ‘cuppa’ and celebrate the day.

Tuesday, January 10th: Who would have thought a little 48-page pamphlet would have such an impact on our country (USA) as we know it? On January 10, 1776, Thomas Paine anonymously published COMMON SENSE, a call for independence from British rule. Immediately popular, Paine’s pamphlet sold 150,000 copies in the first few months. The moving words inspired colonists and propelled us into the fight for freedom and into the birth of a new nation. And here we are, 236 years later.

Wednesday, January 11th: “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun,” says Mary Lou Cook. January is INTERNATIONAL CREATIVITY MONTH. This month take fifteen minutes a day to create. Write, draw, paint, or play with paint, glass or sculpture. Look at an obstacle or business challenge through a different view. The creative possibilities are limitless. Celebrate life, celebrate creativity.

Thursday, January 12th: “Roll out the barrel … we’ll have a barrel of fun …” (remnants of oom-pa-pa echoing in the background) It’s POLKA MUSIC MONTH. FromPrague, in 1835, this European dance craze swept throughVienna, toParis and beyond, eventually finding its way to theUS. Displaced as a popular dance by ragtime in the Twenties, the polka has become relegated to the occasional Oktoberfests. Let’s put on some polka music tonight and celebrate our musical roots. Now, if I just had an accordion!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Louise
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 20:26:40

    Wonderful days to celebrate, Trisha. I’m especially fond of Universal Letter Writing Week. I put together a letter writing kit for my grandchildren for Christmas this year (they are 9 & 7) against everyone’s warnings, my daughter included. They just LOVE it and since we live 2,000 miles away, so do I! I’m now in search of a book to teach them the art of letter writing. Wish me luck and thanks for sharing…


    • trishafaye
      Jan 11, 2012 @ 04:39:24

      What a GREAT idea Louise!! My grandkids are in Arizona (I’m in Texas) Although the baby is only 2 in April, the two fabulous grandkids I inherited when my son got married are almost 10 and almost 12. We’ve been getting to know each other the past three years and this would be a great way to stay in touch more with them. I’m going out there in March for everyones birthdays. I shall have to add this to the birthday gifts. Thanks so much for the idea!!

      A Reason to … Celebrate, Remember, Have Fun! http://www.trishafaye.wordpress.com



  2. Louise
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 13:25:30

    So glad you liked it Trisha. Let me know if you need any tips. I made them their own return address labels, and address labels for family members. I sent them a book of stamps, starter envelopes, note cards, stationery, and an address book filled in with addresses and family member birthdays, pens and of course fun stickers for decorations. I also included a sample envelope. I put it all in enclosed zippered cases I picked up at K-Mart.

    I can’t tell how delighted they are to be able to put their mail into the mail box and have the mail lady pick it up for them. They no longer have to wait for their mother to make it to the post office. And now I look forward to the mail knowing it may not only be bills!!! Enjoy!


    • trishafaye
      Jan 12, 2012 @ 17:40:58

      Thanks Louise! I’ll be making a trip to AZ the first weekend in March, right in the middle of everyone’s birthdays. So I suspect there will be an additional gift for the two older ones, thanks to your ingenious idea! Hmmm… was going to pass on the baby’s (he’ll just be 2 in April), but some cute note cards & crayons should be fun for him. Mom will have to help, but Mammaw should get some heart touching cards from him too!!

      A Reason to … Celebrate, Remember, Have Fun! http://www.trishafaye.wordpress.com



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