A Reason to … Celebrate, Remember, Have Fun! (Sept 30-Oct 6)

Friday, September 30th, celebrate Hug a Vegetarian Day. This kicks-off to tomorrow’s World Vegetarian Day (October 1st) and Vegetarian Awareness Month, throughout the entire month of October. Celebrate life today by hugging your favorite vegetarian and having a meatless dinner tonight. Discover some of the delicious meatless options at http://www.meatlessmonday.com. Many restaurants offer meatless options now, even inTexas. My own personal favorite is Mooyah’s delicious veggie burger. How will you celebrate today?

Saturday, October 1st, celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month today and the entire month. Can’t have animals? Or, if you’re like us and can’t have any more animals? There are other ways to help homeless dogs (and cats) in lieu of adoption. Attend pet fairs and shelter fundraising events. Donate supplies, money or time to local shelter or rescues. Many local shelters are desperately in need of donations, old towels, blankets, food and help. Share the message with your friends. See http://www.aspca.org for more information.

Sunday, October 2nd is National Custodial Workers Day. Day in, day out (or usually night in, night out) janitors and custodians spend their working hours cleaning up after us. Trash tossed out, surfaces cleaned, windows washed, carpets vacuumed; all to make our lives easier. This year (or maybe a day late if you work in a Monday-Friday work environment), thank these nearly invisible workers. Leave a note of thanks, thanking them for their tireless and thankless efforts. Do they do an exceptional job? Maybe a small gift, such as some flowers or a coffee gift card would be appropriate thanks.

Monday, October 3rd, in 1952, the first Ozzie and Harriet TV program aired. As the longest running sitcom, this iconic American family captivated a nation over 435 episodes. The series filmed 409 black and white and 26 color episodes. CelebrateAmerica’s beloved family with a bowl of popcorn and an evening of re-runs. No DVD’s to easily watch? YouTube has over 1,400 clips available. That should last you all evening!

Tuesday, October 4th is Cinnamon Bun Day. Now here’s a day I can wholeheartedly celebrate! Originating in Sweden in 1999, the Swedish Home Baking Council searched for a way to celebrate their 40th anniversary. They felt the cinnamon bun (or cinnamon roll) best symbolized Swedish home baking. Any Swedish bakery will boast baskets filled with cinnamon buns, or kanelbullar, to commemorate Kanelbullens Dag. Celebrate this fragrant concoction by picking up a box to share with co-workers. After dinner, pop some in the oven for the family.

Wednesday, October 5th commemorates the 12th Annual Balloons around the World. On this day, “balloon artists around the world will be taking part in an event designed to highlight the act of giving, to deliver thousands of smiles, and to showcase the art of balloon twisting and decorating.” Currently 55 locations, in 10 countries, and 26US states are participating in the festivities. Know how to make balloon animals? Share the fun and the smiles with others. Otherwise, pick up a bag of balloons and try your hand with the family tonight, creating your own balloon menagerie.(www.balloonsaroundtheworld.com)

Thursday, October 6th, is Mad Hatter Day. This 2nd crazy day of the year follows in the spirit of April Fools Day, craziness without the pranks. Celebrate silliness! The Mad Hatter, in Alice in Wonderland, is always acting silly. Grab a top hat (or any other silly hat) and join him in his jubilation. Be a little whacky for a day, it’s allowed today.  Celebrate, celebrate life and being alive. Live life to the fullest!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cat von Hassel-Davies
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 03:18:12

    OH yeah! Cinnamon Bun day that sounds like my kind of day.



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  3. trishafaye
    Oct 02, 2011 @ 05:42:17

    Yes Cat, I have a feeling a lot of the “food holidays” will be my favorites! Have a great week, with lots of celebrations and fun!


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