I was “tagged” … Ten Random Things

I Was Tagged!

I was tagged for ‘Ten Random Facts about Myself’ by Sue Ann Bowling, a She Writes member, author and blogger. (http://homecomingbook.wordpress.com/

Once tagged, we’re ‘IT’ and we share ten random facts and then tag three others.

So … “tag, you’re it”…

To my new fiber friends & bloggers, Lazy Pi Farm, (that I just ‘met’ via my friend Mea Stone, recently transplanted to Iowa): http://lazypifarm.com/

Also, my Texasfriend DeeDee, a talented crafter of many mediums: http://deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com/

And, my virtual Texan friend, Shelly, that I haven’t met yet even though she’s so close, as I’ve been working and she’s been storytelling and stitching together afghans for Share a Square: http://thiseclecticlife.com/

Now, ten random facts about me, with no coherent thread between them, as it’s late and it’s been a long day.

  1. My first dog was ‘Pongo’. No, he wasn’t a Dalmatian, just a loveable beagle-terrier mix that we got at thePomonadog pound. 101 Dalmatian’s was the popular movie at the time and I was enamored with the movie (or more probably the book as I don’t remember going to the movies as a child). I remember eating hamburgers in the old Plymouth on the way home with my new birthday-present puppy. I don’t remember where we stopped for lunch. Probably A & W, as there weren’t too many places to get drive up hamburgers in the mid 60’s.
  2. In the spirit of childhood memories, my mom used to call me ‘Ellie Mae’, from the Beverly Hillbillies and because I could never have enough animals. If I could have had all the animals that Ellie Mae had, I would have been a very happy little girl. Well, I couldn’t have all those animals, but I was still a happy little girl. And am now I’m a happy big girl!
  3. I LOVE being a Grandma! I was one lucky Grandma when my son, Chris, married Regina. I got the pleasure of becoming an instant Grandma to two wonderful grandchildren, Cameron & Morgan. Then when Mark Allen was born, this Grandma was in heaven. Three wonderful grandkids! The only down side, I can’t get toArizona often enough! (Darn job … shouldn’t I have unlimited vacation time and unlimited travel money by now?
  4. Speaking of sons … Chris is in Arizona with the family and Justin is currently in Okinawa, a sergeant in the Air Force who will soon be stationed in Phoenix AZ.I have the two best boys in the world. (Yes, I do. I can say that, I’m writing this blog. In your blog, your kids can be the best kids in the world.
  5. I have an unquenchable thirst to learn new things. (especially creative, crafty things) I hope I always have this hunger to acquire new skills and knowledge. Learning from classes, from books, from the internet, from friends; there are so many ways to learn new things and so many new things to learn.
  6. I also love seeing new places. There are so many places I’d like to see, here in the States and in other countries. I love driving whenever possible. The trips in a car are always different from those in a plane. The views are broader, the countryside more intimately seen. And you can always stop and see interesting little nooks and crannies along the way, such as the donkeys in Oatman AZ, Casey Jones Village in Tennessee, an unexpected boothill in Nebraska, or a sod hut museum in Kansas … all unexpected treasures discovered on driving journeys
  7. I’m addicted. I’ll admit it, I have several addictions and there is no help. Books, magazines, chocolate and crafts. In no particular order. All I can’t live without. I was going to write ‘Is there a 12-step program for craft-a-holics?’ in jest. But then I think of those that truly are suffering the devastating affects of struggling with an addiction. What makes mine humorous and casts a line, a common bond between friends and strangers, while other addictions cast shadows across generations? Just because one is socially acceptable and one isn’t? Is the pull that gets me in the car late at night, driving to Walmart to buy an ice cream bar that I shouldn’t have (even if it IS a Magnum Double Caramel bar) any different than if it were alcohol or drugs?
  8. I’m much better at starting things than I am at finishing them. Hence, a room filled with UFO’s (Unfinished Objects, for those that don’t craft or sew or quilt or weave or fuse glass or …. )
  9. I compost. I cannot throw a banana peel, eggshell, tea bag, vegetable trimmings or coffee grounds in the trash. They must go out to the compost pile. Along with newspapers, grass clippings … and now I’ve been taking out dog hair and dryer lint too.
  10. I love dragonflies. I’ve loved dragonflies for awhile, something about the shape and their beauty. The symbolism of transformation adds another layer of my adoration, much as my life has been the past few years. When I came to my new home inTexas, I was delighted to see these wondrous creatures flitting over the yard, dancing in delicate flight. (Although with the drought this year, there were not as many to my dismay.

There! Ten random things, mostly trivial, so many important things unsaid. Those shall have to go on another blog, maybe ‘Ten Golden Things’.

What are 10 things about you? Share with us!

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